Saturday, May 19, 2018

Medina Sunrise Business Card and Art Poster

Flame if I say so myself. My buddy Medina needed some new cards, and she wanted them vibrant, distinguishable, and funky.  Basically reflective of who she is.  

I did a litany of things in Adobe PS 5 to make this, can't remember it all. I am totally crushing on the Grain effect right now (since 2016, so maybe it's a love affair, hehehe). I think it came good.  I'd love some FEEDBACK... I see y'all creeping on my blog-n-stuff, looking but not showing love.  What up with that?  I can take all critiques, + and -. 


Copyright 2018,Renetrice Piere & Medina Perine

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 in pop. pour. sip. Graphic Review, Part 1

Just so ya know... all this ish copyrighted.

"The Dunes"...Insecure inspired -acrylic, pencil & tempera on 6 x 9 canvas

Laser Cut Pendants (Adobe Illustrator)

Assata Shakur Pop Art Poster (Adobe Illustrator)

Mr. Right Album Art for Sparkle Motion

 Tell Your Friends Album Art for Sparkle Motion

"Issa In Thought" 1 & 2 ...Insecure Inspired
- acrylic on 4x4 canvas 

Exquisite Corpse Project for 8th grade English,
Zion Central Middle School

Flaunt Your Fly Banner Art 

Self Portrait (Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Black Lives Matter

Metal prints will be available soon!  11x14, ready for wall mounting.  Will post pictures of prototype within the week. 

 ©2017 Renetrice Pierre

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How It All Turned Out

The inevitable day has come and gone.  Tears fallen and dried, but the well still stirs inside.  Thank you to anyone that read my request for help and answered by donating to Florita's goFundme.  Several costs were able to be covered.  We're still in somewhat of a hole but its not as bad as it could be.

Y'all already know I did the program... No one could have done better than I. The people that saw I was stressed told me to give it to the church or funeral home to create.  I said noooooooooooooo way!   It was a minefield to cross though, helping managing the days events, speakers, and the ultimate food offering after (just me and my uncle, mom helped as she could given the situ). I also had to disconnect from Flo to complete my task, as if it were for a client's family member.  Still, there was no way I wasn't going to do her program.

So... to list the creative & technical gist,  I grabbed some tropical flowers from a Google search (thanks interwebs!) selected & isolated them with the tool underneath the magnetic lasso ( escapes me rt now), rotated, screwed... you get it.  There's also the outer glow on the type which is Angelface (script) and Champagne & Limousines- shout out to the creators Mario Arturo & Lauren Thompson.  Long/short, all imaging was done in Photoshop, the layout was done in Illustrator CS5 (my favorite dinosaur :).  Take a look, names and info blurred for privacy.

Just in case you didn't know, which I just found out, some people love collecting funeral programs- yes, I'm puzzled too. I got 75 printed.  Within one hour into the service, they were out.  But!  I received multiple compliments on the design, from those that know I did it. It wasn't about that, yet I have another notch of accomplishment.  A person doesn't understand or know what she or he can endure until it's done.  I didn't expect to have to do any of this, yet I endured like a solider (ppl that know me would say another branch, lol).  Either way, I did it.

Flortia, it was -still is an honor knowing you.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Everyone... Everywhere -PLEASE HELP.

Florita Smith
Dec 9, 1962-July 12, 2017

 Florita Smith Memorial Fund 

The words to a Rob Thomas song I know so well are the words I feel most at this time:

Well, this is it now/
Everybody get down/
This is all I can take/

Shattered, collapsed, vacuumed, pulverized.  An intercontinental missile aimed and landing straight to my heart- and it's gone.  In an blink, with a whisper.  I cannot understand why, although I do know how.  Still, it does not make sense.  I think, "I just talked to her... We were just on Google Hangouts laughing, joking about family and my cat," and so on.  And now it's OVER?  No, no way.  I get angry, sad, convinced that I'm dreaming while awake, snap out of it then I'm livid again.

Florita was my aunt, my mom's only sister and my Grandmother's youngest child.  She had love and ambition bigger than the biggest super moon in the clearest sky. She helped me when no one else could or wanted to, encouraged all my professional skills, and told me I was HER HERO.
Gotd*mn, she's gone.

Right now, my family and I asked all that can to help us give her the crossing over that she deserves.  I have put a link to her memorial fund above.  Please, if you know how it was to have a loved one, dear friend, any one you were sure would still be here snatched out of life into eternal midnight, please donate.  Thank you kindly.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sol A Ppetit Menu and Business Card Revamp!

Part of being a Designer of any type is earning trust.  Trust in your abilities/adaptiveness, initiative, your timeliness, dependability, and desire (I select projects that pique the esoteric or consumer curiosity in me, ya dig?).

I am very fortunate to have established these hallmarks with the proprietor of Sol A Ppetite. She has developed the most peregrine connection of African American soul and Puerto Rican dishes that will make you wordless. IT'S GOOD - can't talk it up enough!

I looked at her cards and asked if she wanted to revamp them a bit. The original cards were not bad, but because I ate her food, and knew just how over-the-counter great it was, I felt her food was not being underscored with her brand presentation at that time.  In other words, I just wanted to help.  She saw what I had done for fellow associate's cards and decided to give pop. a whirl.  

Before & After

Long story shortened, our seamless cooperation led to me also creating her menus. I'm infatuated with grains and gradient treatment right now, however these projects really gave me leeway to use them. 

I didn't create the logo, but it integrated ever so well with my ideas.