Thursday, July 7, 2011

Good Design, Bad Prooreading

Student artwork isn't easy.  When you're in school, you got test, papers... you barely grab moments to sit down and fart loud, and you have project after projects. It's also challenging because, a lot of times, the projects are based on fictious events, and you have to invent the who, what, when, where & how's independently.  But here's an example of how design & inventing facts hurriedly can become a nice looking opps.

See, I've been gandering for MFA programs all over, and visited Parsons' New School of Design, started thumbing through the student work, finding this.  -There are no type-o's or things of that sort, but the phone number has a 504 area code, which belongs to New Orleans, La, which is where I'm from (7th Ward, stand up).  So I called it, hoping the designer checked it, ensuring it was no one's personal or unaffiliated business line, and it went to someone's voicemail, who is more-than-likely not associated with Parsons, its New School of Design, or for that fact, New York. 

 I hope David Carroll, MFA Director at Parsons, catches a whif of this post, so he can promptly inform his pupil of this slight boo-boo.  -Just thought this post was the right thing to do 'cause I sure wouldn't want uninvited people calling me. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Coffee Contest Submission


So I did something different and entered a contest for the best use of a famous coffee retailer's trademark cup.  I don't normally compete, but I figured it's healthy when done occasionally, and it keeps imagination at peak. 

You can see others here.  -So what say yous???

Monday, May 23, 2011

Advice for Freelancers

I picked up Freelance Design in Practice...

About three months ago, and I must declare I truly like it.  I've gotten to the chapter with several different artists sample works, and was put to shame (lol, I'll get there too).  Yet what is most pertinent & indispensable is Chapter 1, with the exercise "What is your picture of success?" 

I think every kind of artist should complete this, because how will any of us fulfill our goals if we don't know what they are? -I'm just saying. 

Answering the question helped me know that (Music, primarily) Graphic Design is an absolute joy, and is something I would do for free. 

Here are some of my answers:

5 most important things

·    Family
·    Freetime
·    Money
·    Longevity
·    Legacy (ability to pass on)

Greatest Design Strengths

·   Color selection
·   Typography
·   Challenging rules
·   Composition
·   Photography

Greatest Business Skills

·  Promptness
·  Exactness
·  Constant contact

Talents On Hold

·  Music
·  Songwriting
·  Journalism

Most Satisfying Work

·  Volunteer GD projects

Least Satisfying Work

·  Kincade Mngt
·  Copper Candy
·  BAMM Black Hist. Prog.

Planning for Family
·  Scheduling

What I’d Do with Complete Freedom
·  Music
·  Songwriting
·  Graphic Design

Greatest Personal Strenghts

·  Amicability
·  Talkative
·  Good gleaner
·  Interrogative
·  Exactness
·  Courtesy

Improvements for Life
·  Get word out about
pop. pour. sip.

What is your motivation???

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Boredom, a Mouse & Photoshop

Picture of my good friend in my backyard one fall afternoon.  I took it with a Canon Rebel XT (don't remember the settings, sorry), then migrated it into Photoshop.  I did some retouching with the Spot Healing Brush and Blur Tool, then applied a custom gradient layer above it, setting the opacity at vivid (I think).  Made a group of swirls as well, adjusted opacity and threw a Gaussian blur on there too.  

Man, I love rainbow colors!