Monday, May 23, 2011

Advice for Freelancers

I picked up Freelance Design in Practice...

About three months ago, and I must declare I truly like it.  I've gotten to the chapter with several different artists sample works, and was put to shame (lol, I'll get there too).  Yet what is most pertinent & indispensable is Chapter 1, with the exercise "What is your picture of success?" 

I think every kind of artist should complete this, because how will any of us fulfill our goals if we don't know what they are? -I'm just saying. 

Answering the question helped me know that (Music, primarily) Graphic Design is an absolute joy, and is something I would do for free. 

Here are some of my answers:

5 most important things

·    Family
·    Freetime
·    Money
·    Longevity
·    Legacy (ability to pass on)

Greatest Design Strengths

·   Color selection
·   Typography
·   Challenging rules
·   Composition
·   Photography

Greatest Business Skills

·  Promptness
·  Exactness
·  Constant contact

Talents On Hold

·  Music
·  Songwriting
·  Journalism

Most Satisfying Work

·  Volunteer GD projects

Least Satisfying Work

·  Kincade Mngt
·  Copper Candy
·  BAMM Black Hist. Prog.

Planning for Family
·  Scheduling

What I’d Do with Complete Freedom
·  Music
·  Songwriting
·  Graphic Design

Greatest Personal Strenghts

·  Amicability
·  Talkative
·  Good gleaner
·  Interrogative
·  Exactness
·  Courtesy

Improvements for Life
·  Get word out about
pop. pour. sip.

What is your motivation???

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Boredom, a Mouse & Photoshop

Picture of my good friend in my backyard one fall afternoon.  I took it with a Canon Rebel XT (don't remember the settings, sorry), then migrated it into Photoshop.  I did some retouching with the Spot Healing Brush and Blur Tool, then applied a custom gradient layer above it, setting the opacity at vivid (I think).  Made a group of swirls as well, adjusted opacity and threw a Gaussian blur on there too.  

Man, I love rainbow colors!