Thursday, July 7, 2011

Good Design, Bad Prooreading

Student artwork isn't easy.  When you're in school, you got test, papers... you barely grab moments to sit down and fart loud, and you have project after projects. It's also challenging because, a lot of times, the projects are based on fictious events, and you have to invent the who, what, when, where & how's independently.  But here's an example of how design & inventing facts hurriedly can become a nice looking opps.

See, I've been gandering for MFA programs all over, and visited Parsons' New School of Design, started thumbing through the student work, finding this.  -There are no type-o's or things of that sort, but the phone number has a 504 area code, which belongs to New Orleans, La, which is where I'm from (7th Ward, stand up).  So I called it, hoping the designer checked it, ensuring it was no one's personal or unaffiliated business line, and it went to someone's voicemail, who is more-than-likely not associated with Parsons, its New School of Design, or for that fact, New York. 

 I hope David Carroll, MFA Director at Parsons, catches a whif of this post, so he can promptly inform his pupil of this slight boo-boo.  -Just thought this post was the right thing to do 'cause I sure wouldn't want uninvited people calling me. 

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