Saturday, September 19, 2015

Graphic Design Career Choices

Graphic Design As a Career- The Artistic or Money-Making Approach?

My experience with this industry could be made into a rollercoaster-like tv movie... A GD of many years of expertise, education and pro bono work finds herself unemployed(able) after 100's of applications and interviews.  She finally decides to go the freelance route, which proves an unchartable terrain, as the reality that most clients want great design but do not always want to pay for it un-shields its countenance from behind a moldy, photon-neglected hill.

Freelance has it miracle moments... I'd get calls from a person who picked up a card from one of my customarily ad spots, and just about every time, he/she would say "I've never seen a card like this... You have to do [this] for me."

Other times, a reference or re-up from a completely satisfied customer. Yet, there are the muddy moments... the moments when I'd take a client that only wanted to milk the crap out of my honest hard work and skill by offering barters (I DO NOT BARTER), or revising a project to oblivion simply because they don't know what they really want ("I like it, but it needs something else...")  I'm always thorough and want my clients to be happy, but how long am I truly supposed to tweak or peck at some artwork a person never seems to like completely?  There's courtesy, and then there is out-of-the-box stupid -and that I am NOT.

So, the job scoring angle didn't work, and the freelance angle was not as glorious either.  Now I am going to be what I feel is most natural -an Artist.  I have projects, from vector art to typography, that I've started and paused for the past 5 years.  I am going to resume those projects and make the resulting material for sale by-way-of internet or real estate.  My portfolio will be overstuffed with a sundry of themes, methods and physical agencies, and whosoever wants to buy them -please do!  I will not wait for a client or job to demand the things I want or have created anymore.  Why? Because I'm an expressive person first, and I need to get it out. And two anyway, the other sh*t aint paying nothing.

Peace in the middle east and beyond.

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