Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"I Used To Dream..."

Everything that's happened since this "election" reminds me of some lyrics from Earth Song (Michael Jackson, 1995):

I used to dream/
I used to glance beyond the stars/
Now, I don't know where we are/
Although, I know/
We've drifted far

2017 seems to be the year that will usher in the period of un-dared damnation.  The while in which fear will rule people who are scared of the sharing this planet with people who don't appear like or believe the same as them, when people will put "property rights" over nature and eventually make void the only home we and other living things have, with the rapturous exploitation of "resources" and ecological poisoning resulting.

How big and mal-fitted, the ego of humankind...  Especially that ego of those of in Amerikkka at large.  -Ask these scary people if they understand and are prepared to swallow the sword they'd like the rest of us to carry in our backs... The reply will likely be a renouncing no.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Noah For The People " Hair" Single Artwork

Please visit Noah For The People and Cartoon Lion Music Group.  He and his label mates are taking a wholly new approach to sending goooood music out to the masses. 

This cover was sketched out on paper then "vectorized" (lols) in Adobe Illustrator.  -It started out a tad differently.

Noah wanted emphasis on natural hair, thus my concept of the head and hair roots being apart of the soil and the afro puff "tree" being above ground. 

The rest of the work was manifested in Photoshop (good ole' Photoshop)- where I plied it with several filtered layers.  You can guess which at you leisure.


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Portfolio Part 2- Personal Artwork

Self Portrait, Photoshop retouch

"Looking Up", Chicago Botanical Gardens

Love Your Body Poster, 2014

Russell Simmons, Get Your Money Summit, 2005

Breva Contect, 2014

Copper Candy Campaign Shoot, 2006

pop. pour. sip Promo Advert

Sterns Fashion-Waukegan, IL, 2010
Photoshop CS

"No $, No Toke"
Photography and Photoshop retouch

Crescent City Idol, 2005 (Pre-Katrina Photography) 

Crescent City Idol, 2005 (Pre-Katrina Photography) 

 Crescent City Idol, 2005 (Pre-Katrina Photography) 

Japanese Zen Garden, Chicago Botanical Gardens, 2010

"Stairs", 2010
Photography and Photoshop retouch

Self Portraits, Photoshop CS retouch

Combat Photographer At Rest- Fort Meade, MD, 2002

"American Bitch" -Horsefeathers, Waukegan, IL 2010