Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sol A Ppetit Menu and Business Card Revamp!

Part of being a Designer of any type is earning trust.  Trust in your abilities/adaptiveness, initiative, your timeliness, dependability, and desire (I select projects that pique the esoteric or consumer curiosity in me, ya dig?).

I am very fortunate to have established these hallmarks with the proprietor of Sol A Ppetite. She has developed the most peregrine connection of African American soul and Puerto Rican dishes that will make you wordless. IT'S GOOD - can't talk it up enough!

I looked at her cards and asked if she wanted to revamp them a bit. The original cards were not bad, but because I ate her food, and knew just how over-the-counter great it was, I felt her food was not being underscored with her brand presentation at that time.  In other words, I just wanted to help.  She saw what I had done for fellow associate's cards and decided to give pop. a whirl.  

Before & After

Long story shortened, our seamless cooperation led to me also creating her menus. I'm infatuated with grains and gradient treatment right now, however these projects really gave me leeway to use them. 

I didn't create the logo, but it integrated ever so well with my ideas. 

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