Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Everyone... Everywhere -PLEASE HELP.

Florita Smith
Dec 9, 1962-July 12, 2017

 Florita Smith Memorial Fund 

The words to a Rob Thomas song I know so well are the words I feel most at this time:

Well, this is it now/
Everybody get down/
This is all I can take/

Shattered, collapsed, vacuumed, pulverized.  An intercontinental missile aimed and landing straight to my heart- and it's gone.  In an blink, with a whisper.  I cannot understand why, although I do know how.  Still, it does not make sense.  I think, "I just talked to her... We were just on Google Hangouts laughing, joking about family and my cat," and so on.  And now it's OVER?  No, no way.  I get angry, sad, convinced that I'm dreaming while awake, snap out of it then I'm livid again.

Florita was my aunt, my mom's only sister and my Grandmother's youngest child.  She had love and ambition bigger than the biggest super moon in the clearest sky. She helped me when no one else could or wanted to, encouraged all my professional skills, and told me I was HER HERO.
Gotd*mn, she's gone.

Right now, my family and I asked all that can to help us give her the crossing over that she deserves.  I have put a link to her memorial fund above.  Please, if you know how it was to have a loved one, dear friend, any one you were sure would still be here snatched out of life into eternal midnight, please donate.  Thank you kindly.