Thursday, January 14, 2021

Bumper Stickers, Facebook, Tales of Lost Profit- One 2020 Wench In The Wheel


Elect Sanity Holographic Bumper Stickers


Story really goes that I created (AND COPYRIGHTED) this design in 2014.  It was a midterm election year. Things were starting to get loco on the political frontier of the U and S, and I was feeling crafty : )  I designed three versions, printing one, but didn't go about seriously selling the sticker until 2020. Bumper Sticker in Holographic Silver Bumper Sticker in Holographic Blue


I went about reprinting the sticker, this time twice as holographic silver and blue (with accents!), setup an e-commerce website, and paid, PAID Instagram for ads to promote the sticker for a week. THIS SHOULD HAVE WORKED.  Yet, Facebook (IG) assumed my site was a hack or something, took my money but didn't lead viewers to the website!!!  Instead, the first 6,000+ onloookers were directed to a blank page or back to Instagram. I was given no notice of their suspicions about the site at all.. I discovered the redirect while viewing the ad on my other IG accounts.

I tried in so many many ways to contact Facebook about the error on their part, but this oh so very ethical corporation has a very active and unhelpful contact method to avoid direct customer service -to paying customers.  

Deflated and over-minded by Friendly Corp., I retreated the project to a drawer in the living room. I didn't have a lot more money to spare on marketing, and I had already spent $1000 +/- on the stickers. Pinterest was given a try will a great deal of pins but no purchases.  I ended up making a few via the 1300 AD and before that manner with word-of-mouth.

So... Long story short, these stickers are still around and available your favorite car, truck, boat, or RV... Just click on the pics to go straight to a purchase link.  And if you do, I will send them with hugs and kisses.


I am not a supporter of the current standards of social media, and that’s possibly another reason why it failed to go as planned.  Maybe if I would have been able to pay someone to do this, it would have been big. I’ll never know, but it’ll be here on my page forever and forever. 

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