Thursday, January 14, 2021

Try Again.

 “ If at first you don’t succeed/
you can dust it off and try again/
dust yourself off and try again
try again”

How many of you know where these lyrics come from??? If you don’t, take this.  

I admit to not caring enough about my blog portfolio. To the point of severe time-neglect.  It’s not that I don’t like it, or didn’t want to do more, or wasn’t very happy with my work and the feedback from friends & clients… Just that being grown is hard, and I was working all the time (designing, teaching, Uber-ring even (never no more)) instead of being what I should have been - in business.

To a degree, I’ve been intrigued and somewhat good at business: I have skills and can talk the talk.  But my financial business acumen was not there.  When I was a munchkin, they just never taught us in school.  The other times I was tapping on the door of entrepreneurial-ship, I was flatly discouraged because I was direct competition and didn’t have enough keen to know that.  As an adult, after a career move that gave me mad skills but could have caused me my life (this is literal); in addition, almost made me crazy, I went about this the wrong way.  How?

1. I went to COLLEGE-
Everything people tell you about college is true.  Unless you are into nepotism, a degree won’t get you a good job, then or now. Social Media is going to make it worse, please believe me.

2. Bad relationships-
Sad but just a fact.  Your partner isn’t your partner if he or she is jealous of you.  Believe what you see the first time; let that sh*t go.  Add the word “friend” to this observation as need be.

3. Family Deaths-
After my Aunt Florita died in 2017, my father Rickey Pierre passed away that following October.  It was too much, along with the other top sections above stated.  I think I cried every straight day for about a month.


The metaphor is true, you must pay to tourney on this real world board of Chess and Monopoly.  And back then, I could barely get a car loan, let alone a business one. 

Yet, it’s all good because I am still here and back to my blog to give you all panchromatic realness.  Changes have come to set me into better patterns, and I have the capital and knowledge to succeed. -I will do that.  

I will be back to post some more; my 2018 thru 2020 compilation.  Leave some feedback, shall you?  Why, thank you then… Alright.

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